Required Physician Oversight & Direction

• Medical Oversight and Direction through our Nationwide Network of Leading Physicians
• Physician Prescription for each AED, renewed annually
• State/Local AED registration as required

Customized Web Portal and Mobile APP

• AED Tracking - Site, Location, Serial Number; Battery/Electrode Tracking
• Documented inspection histories
• CPR/AED Certification Tracking
• Mobile App for Andoird and iOS
• QR/barcode scanning functionality

Automated Email Notifications & Alerts

• 60, 30 day Battery and Electrode Expiration notifications
• 60, 30 day Training Certification Expiration notifications
• Monthly Inspection email reminders
• Immediate notification alerts for failed AED inspections

All Supplies Included

• Replacement supplies sent automatically to each Site before expiration
• Proper & timely installation of new supplies ensured
• Portal immediately updated with new expiration dates
• Single annual fee assists with consistent budgeting

Complete Post Event Services

• Loaner AED immediately sent with postage paid return box for deployed AED
• AED data download, Physician review, and required Post Event reporting
• AED inspected, re-stocked, cleaned and returned
• Post-event debriefing and consultation

On-going Support

• Assigned Personal Account Specialist
• Access to premier network of professional CPR/AED/First Aid Instruction
• Assistance with AED protocol/configuration updates
• On-going Liability and Safety consultation