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Our AED Program Management goes beyond maintenance by meeting or exceeding legal requirements and industry standards to minimize liability.



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How AED Total Solution Helps You

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What is AED Program Management?

The requirements must be in place to purchase and use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Federal and State laws vary, but typically include physician oversight of your AED program, prescriptions for each device.

Why AED Total Solution?

AED Total Solution was born from a desire to find a better way. Frustrated by complex legislation and incomplete programs, we believed there should be no barriers to those who choose to protect the lives of their people

Our Services

AED Total Solution’s comprehensive services include Physician Oversight, AED prescriptions and registration, all AED supplies, a customized organizational web portal, automated email notifications and alerts, ongoing benefits and support, and complete Post-event services.

Need to Purchase an AED or Setup Training?

AED Program Management comprehensive services include physician oversight, AED prescriptions and registration, all AED supplies, customized organizational web portal, automated email notifications and alerts, ongoing benefits and support, and complete Post-event services.

AED Total Solution keeps your AED program alive.

Failing to comply with AED laws and regulations increases liability for your organization. AED Total Solution ensures your organization is covered on all fronts.

Manage Your Fleet of AEDs

Managing a fleet of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in various settings.

Barcode Scanning

Checking the status of your AED is easy! Just scan to preview an AEDs inspection history & status, expiration dates, and more.

AED Inspections

Always be prepared to save a life! Scan to inspect your AEDs and ensure they are in working order. Let the app do the work for you.

Mobile APP

Manage your AEDs straight from your mobile device! Receive push notifications on your Android and iOS devices about upcoming inspections.

Web Portal

AED Total Solution online dashboard provides real-time oversight of your entire AED program. Download reports, review the library, and receive alerts.

Real-time AED Tracking

Real-time AED tracking enables you to have instant visibility into the exact location of each AED in your fleet.

Push Notifications

Push notifications provide instant updates to users' Android and iOS devices, ensuring that important messages are promptly delivered.

Verified AED Inspections

Verified AED inspections involve inspections conducted by certified professionals with expertise in AED functionality and maintenance.

Medical Direction

Medical direction involves the supervision and guidance of medical professionals, such as physicians, emergency medical services directors.

Begin your Journey Today!

We provide a range of AED models from reputable brands that have been carefully selected for their quality, reliability, and ease of use.



/ year
You have everything you need to begin your life saving efforts.



/ year
You have everything you need to begin your life saving efforts.



/ year
You have everything you need to begin your life saving efforts.

Why They Love AED Total Solution

Our clients have come to love our services for a variety of reasons. Here’s why they choose and appreciate the AED Total Solution.
“AED Total Solution’s ease of set up and customer service far exceeded my initial expectations. They take the necessary time to reach out to each and every one of our customers, to make sure they are comfortable with the program and knowledgeable with the system. Complications that arise are quickly defused, and often times resolved without actual contact between EMS Safety and our client. Great customer services is something that everyone strives for, but few companies truly provide. AED Total Solution does just this, and I’d recommend them to anyone in the market for AED Medical direction for their customers.“
Geoff Albrecht
EMS Safety Services, Inc., EMS Safety Services. Inc.
“AED Total Solution worked with us to decide exactly what our needs were, walked us through every step of creating our new program, and trained our nurses and health clerks on keeping the AEDs up-to-date, staying legally compliant, and what to do in an emergency. They also recently handled every aspect of a recent voluntary manufacturer recall, working on our behalf to ensure all affected AEDs were switched out successfully with new ones.“
Barbara Perez.
Director of Student Services. Oceanside Unified School District
“Tracking and replenishing AED’s and supplies for almost 400 offices nationwide, was very time intensive, and tracking was a constant problem.AED Total Solution created an online site for our company and spent the first month contacting every single office investigating the exact state of all of our AEDs. They sent the needed supplies to every office and updated their database and our online site. They explained to each of our office managers how to do their monthly checks, and our AED program is now running smoother and more efficiently than ever before.CPR1 came in with big promises and high expectations - I'm happy to say they've exceeded on every level!“
Donna Porter
Risk Coordinator, Pacific Dental Services
“AED Total Solution worked seamlessly with our staff to identify all the AED's within City facilities. They trained City staff and introduced them to the new inspection policy and sent new supplies to every facility that needed them, ensuring they were installed correctly.“
Jeff Murdock
City of Carlsbad. CERT Team Coordinator
“AED Total Solution has done an excellent job taking over our AED program. The program has increased the safety and readiness of our hotel, while minimizing liability as a whole. They send out new supplies automatically before old ones expire, and when we have an AED event, they handle everything from providing a loaner AED to creating a post-event report with notifications.“
Steve Williams
Sheraton San Diego Hotel

Public Access AEDs Can Increase sca Survival By 2.62x

Is your AED program ready to rescue?

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