Distributors – Helping You Stay Connected To Your Clients

White Labeled For You

Your own branded URL for your clients. Portal branded with your name, logo, and information. Additional customization as needed.

Ongoing Revenue

Lock-in your client relationships and capture all consumable sales, while establishing consistent annual revenue through your program.

Total Access

You are given your own back-end portal where you can easily update and check the status of all your clients and their data.

Mobile and Advanced

Mobile App for Android and iOS, complete with QR/barcode scanning functionality. Program Integration with latest remote monitoring technology.

Your Pricing

Purchase licenses at over 50% discount from MSRP. Determine your own pricing to your clients. Multi-year and tiered quantity discounts available.

Data Management

Track all of your non-program clients and their AED and training data on our secure and backed up servers.

What Your Clients Receive

Required Physician Oversight and Registration

• Medical Oversight and Direction
• Physician Prescription for each AED, renewed annually
• State/Local AED registration as required

Customized AED Total Solution Web Portal

• AED Tracking - Site, Location, Serial Number; Battery/Electrode Tracking
• Documented inspection histories
• CPR/AED Certification Tracking
• Mobile App for Android & iOS

Automated email notifications and alerts

• 60, 30 day Battery and/or Electrode Expiration notifications
• 60, 30 day Training Certification Expiration notifications
• Monthly Inspection email reminders
• Immediate notification alerts for failed AED inspections

Post Event Services

• Loaner AED immediately sent with postage paid return box for deployed AED
• AED data download, Physician review, and required Post Event reporting
• AED inspected, re-stocked, cleaned and returned.

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AED Total Solution’s ease of set up and customer service far exceeded my initial expectations. They take the necessary time to reach out to each and every one of our customers, to make sure they are comfortable with the program and knowledgeable with the system. Complications that arise are quickly defused, and often times resolved without actual contact between EMS Safety and our client. Great customer services is something that everyone strives for, but few companies truly provide. AED Total Solution does just this, and I’d recommend them to anyone in the market for AED Medical direction for their customers.

Geoff Albrecht, EMS Safety Services, Inc.